• Remineralizing and Whitening Gel R.O.C.S.  Medical Minerals / ROCS

Remineralizing gel containing bioavailable sources of calcium, phosphate and magnesium. Remineralizing therapy is known as one of the most effective and phisiologically natural ways to prevent caries and non-caries lesions. In case of an already existing lesion of hard dental tissues, remineralizing therapy helps restore mineral saturation and increase dental enamel resistance. In addition, the use of R.O.C.S.® Medical Minerals gel results in a significant improvement of teeth appearance (color and brilliance) without bleaching, which is particularly important when bleaching is contraindicated.

Formula features:

R.O.C.S.® Medical Minerals gel is a bioavailable source of calcium, phosphate, and magnesium. Due to special additives, it has adhesive properties and adheres to the dental surface, to subsequently and gradually release calcium and phosphate ions to provide for an ongoing penetration of all active components into dental tissues. Xylitol increases the remineralizing potential of the gel and inhibits the activity of cariogenic bacteria. The average duration of the remineralization cycle is from 2 to 4 weeks. The gel is comfortable to use and has a mild fresh taste which does not irritate the oral cavity mucosa thus enabling prolongued comfortable exposure.

Teeth remineralization.

- Caries prevention. Treatment of early stage caries (local demineralization, white spots); Non-caries lesions (fluorosis, enamel hypoplasia, erosions, wedge-shaped attrition, abrasion etc.).
- Tooth sensitivity.
- Improved enamel color or stabilized bleaching results during and after bleaching and/or orthodontic treatment.
- Decrease in risk of caries

Tube – 40 ml

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Remineralizing and Whitening Gel R.O.C.S. Medical Minerals / ROCS

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