• Mouthwash R.O.C.S. Whitening / ROCS

R.O.C.S. whitening mouthwash BLACK EDITION

Whitening of upper and deeper layers of tooth enamel takes place owing to properties of active oxygen. Efficiently fights bad breath, and treats inflamed and bleeding gums.

Mouthwash suppresses anaerobic oral microbiota, thus fighting halitosis and improving gum health. Clinical trials confirmed absence of risk of increased tooth sensitivity.

Combining whitening toothpaste with new mouthwash R.O.C.S.® Whitening Black Edition allows considerable (70-90%) higher whitening efficiency owing to active oxygen component.

Whitens upper and deeper layers of tooth enamel
- Efficiently fights bad breath
- Treats inflamed and bleeding gums
- Visible effect in no time
- Lovely refreshing taste
- Ideally suited for coffee, tea and wine lovers. Helps to retain natural shine of teeth

Free of fluoride, spirit, sodium lauryl sulphate, colorants.

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Mouthwash R.O.C.S. Whitening / ROCS

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